Saturday, April 27, 2019

Playing with Power Packs! Long Hair, Don't Care

Holy cow, I have the coolest thing to share today! My good friend Amanda from Pear Blossom Press is launching a fantastic new item called a "Power Pack," this is a way to safely and easily create your own light up cards and is compatible with Chibitronics leds! I'm going to share my card, and then you have an awesome chance to win some amazing prizes by hopping our Mega Blog Hop... Amanda is doing it a neat way to enter, each time you comment on a blog, you're entered, because 20 blogs is a TON... but also, we are all excited about this product.

I decided to use the Kindred Stamps "Long Hair, Don't Care" stamp set... because this needed to be lit up! I created my circuit to light up a single lantern that was hand-carved by Audra years ago. After my circuit was created I started to build my card face. I used navy cardstock, then took the Kindred Stamps "Moon and Stars" stencil, and some silver Cosmic Shimmer Gliding Wax to create the background. I chose a small square die cut to create a hole in that background for the LED to shine through. I added a stitched border using The Stamp Doctor A2 Stitch Dies.

I couldn't locate my grass die cut, so I used my Scan 'n Cut to cut a layer of grass on a dark mossy colored cardstock. Then placed 3 of the characters from "Long Hair, Don't Care" front and center! These were colored using Copic markers. 

Next,,, I stamped my lantern on vellum using a Stamp 'n Write marker from Stampin' Up, then hand cut it. I glued it onto my background using a liquid adhesive from Thermoweb, I shy away from vellum because it's tricky to get to stick without showing lines. If I was doing it over, I would probably still use this adhesive, but cover the lantern's back more fully so that it was less splotchy.

Next, I used a dark grey cardstock (the same color that my circuit was built on) to put my sentiment on, I decided to emboss with Ink On 3's Embossing Ink and some beautiful WOW Gold Pearl Embossing Powder that I got from Kraftgali. I used some foam adhesive to pop the sentiment up. My last touch was adding a "Push Me" button to the card. I used Stampin' Up die cuts for both the sentiment and this button. Since I don't have any stamps that say it, I used a gold Sharpie to write it out.  I finished the card by mounting the card face and circuit to a card base that was trimmed in gold.

My tips after making my first light up card? 
  • Definitely watch one of Amanda's videos on the Pear Blossom Press YouTube channel BEFORE you start your card, building one of these cards takes a little bit of pre-planning  (my kryptonite!)
  • Draw out the circuit like she recommends in the video, visualizing it is only half the battle.
  • Don't smooth the copper tape too much on the Power Pack corners, it may crack causing issues with getting it to light.
  • Press firmly, the better the pressure, the better the light shines!

The last little bit from me, before I share some important info about these nifty little Power Packs, is a 30 second video. Be kind, I don't typically do videos, and hearing my own voice weirds me out, but I felt like it was necessary to get the full effect of this product!

To get a great introduction of the Power Pack, check out the first blog on the hop from Pear Blossom Press. Amanda and Micah have worked hard to create an amazing product and I could not be more honored that they asked me to join this hop, or more excited about how easy they are to use. 

The Power Packs are available three ways:

  • Power Pack Kit (set of 3 power packs, batteries, copper tape, and 3 LED stickers) retail $15.99 USD
  • Power Pack (3 units) (3 power packs with batteries only - perfect for people who already have Chibitronics kits, but don't want to make paper switches and battery holders) retail $9.99 USD
  • Power Pack (single unit) (1 power pack with a battery) retail 4.99 USD

Deals Just For You:

Customers in the US can enter the code FREEUSA to receive free shipping on orders over $9 until May 11, 2019
International customers can enter the code INTL5 for $5 off International shipping until May 11, 2019.

Customers in Canada will be able to order kits from my amazing friend Kim Brown-Blyleven's Etsy shop here You won't be able to use the coupons above, but you'll also avoid any pesky Customs charges.


 Remember, for each comment you make, on the blogs and YouTube videos below, you will be entered into the drawing for 10 Power Packs, and Kindred Stamps is also offering a couple fantastic prizes to support Amanda and Micah in this new venture, so get commenting!

Rachel Winn (You are here)

Thank you for visiting me today, and please join me in congratulating Amanda and Micah on making their dream a reality, and wishing them the best of luck on their new venture!

~R. Winn


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