Monday, May 23, 2016

Disney Friends Who Craft: Side of Nicoleslaw

So for the last few months, I've had this idea knock around my head... I have SO many creative, talented friends.  I would love the chance to share their work with you! 

I wanted to start with someone who is a sweet friend, extremely creative, and has always had my back. I introduce to you, Nicole Duffy! Creator of my favorite Disney-Inspired ears and owner of Etsy Shop: SideOfNicoleslaw.

I asked Nicole about her love of Disney, and where it originated, this is her story...

A selection of Nicole's ears, both custom and shop ready!

I have loved Disney for as long as I can remember. 

My first Disneyland visit was when I was months old and it's been history ever since. I grew up watching all of the classics, enjoying the magic in every story. My love kept growing as I aged. 

The Grijalva's making a little Star Wars magic! PC: White Rabbit Photo Boutique

In high school, I created a Disney themed totalitarian state filled with pixie dust. It was then I was nicknamed "Miss Disney" by my teacher who would laugh when I related all history events to some Disney story. In college, I came across Disney Fairytale Weddings in which I knew my future wedding plans. I fantasized regularly of the perfect event with the ultimate wedding guests, Mickey and Minnie. 

MY first Nicole ears, for Halloween, I couldn't wear a costume, I wore my ears!

During one of our first conversations, I told my "now" husband that I was getting married in Disneyland. Two years later, I said "I do" under the gazebo at Rose Court Garden with my Prince Charming. 

During my planning, I wanted the perfect bridal ears. At the time, I couldn't find the Disney ones online and all vendors charged amounts that were out of my budget. 

Evan Dagg is a good sport and modeled my Christmas ears!

It was then I started my research on how to craft the perfect ears. My first set was actually using just fabric, foam and hot glue. 

 It was so much fun to make, that after my wedding, I invested in a sewing machine to further my creativity. A few months later Side of Nicoleslaw was created.  


Nicole's unique 101 Dalmation ears! (I've got a bow on order mimicking this!) 

My store name came from a nickname growing up... I would call a classmate "pita bread" who would in turn call me "nicoleslaw." I wanted a store name that would truly reflect who I am. My goal was to make unique sets of ears that would be budget friendly. 

Molly Dagg's custom graduation ears! PC: Christina M. Photography  

I've made some of the best friends during my venture, which is probably the best part. Not only do they push me creative skills, they have been the best support system. But hey, we all know that Disney friends are the best friends! 🙂 

Can you see why I love this girl?  She's as sweet as Minnie Mouse, and as creative as Walt Disney himself!  I've seen her make ears for a friend going through a hard time, get frustrated when another ear maker doesn't take inspiration from her ears but copies her design exactly.  She and I agree that crafting is a community, not a competition but also that creativity should evolve.  The things this girl can do with a little bit of ribbon and fabric never stop amazing me!

Renee Forero-Cook in her birthday present, Nicole's custom interchangeable ears!!

So, you've seen some of her work, you can see why I'm obsessed yes?  She continuously goes above and beyond her friends' and customers' expectations.  If you choose to buy from her, you won't be sorry.  Favorite her shop, follow her on Instagram, share her info, or reach out to her to get your order placed.

Nicole is constantly coming up with new, innovative ways to enhance her ears!
 Disney friends are the best friends, I look forward to more ears and bows from Nicole, and to sharing with you more of my creative, talented friends!

~ R. Winn

My custom interchangeable ears, with my Regina from OUAT bow!

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